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In partnership with Capital Region Independent Media, publisher of the Ravena News-Herald, the RCS Community Business Association is creating a digital and hardcopy promotional map to highlight all the great businesses and key features of our community. Copies of the map will be available in businesses around the area and a supply will be given to the Town of Coeymans, Village of Ravena, the school district and local realtors.

RCS CBA believes the map will attract additional shopping and dining activity in the community. The map will also appeal to people who may be looking to invest here for business or residential purposes. This project is the beginning of an economic development campaign for the community similar to Greene County's successful Buy In Greene initiative  

"We are particularly excited to build the digital version of the map and create a plan to promote it and drive traffic (online and in person!) to Ravena, Coeymans and Selkirk," RCS CBA Vice Chair Rebecca Flach said at the Town of Coeymans Board Meeting in mid-March 2023.

The hard copy version will be printed twice a year to accommodate changes. We anticipate the first run of the hard copy map will be printed by the end of 2023. The maps will be produced and maintained by RCS CBA and Capital Region Independent Media. We anticipate the whole project will be funded by the business community through paid advertising. RCS CBA members will receive a small ad for free, but larger ad sizes are available starting at $250. Register for your ad here.


We want to ensure the information in ads is accurate so everyone who wishes to participate must fill out the form, even for the free ad. Members who want a larger ad can order and pay for it right through this form. You will be asked to send logos or other art to Capital Region Independent Media.

The map project will positively market the community and assist other economic development activities. Please call RCS CBA Vice Chair Rebecca Flach at 518-526-4057 with questions or email

Sample RCS Community Promotional Map
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