About the Town and Village

The Town of Coeymans is located at the southern-most tip of Albany County. It encompasses the Village of Ravena and stretches out over miles of rural area into Coeymans Hollow. (insert map?)


The Historic Hamlet of Coeymans is on the banks of the Hudson River and leads into the Village. This is easily reached by foot using its miles of sidewalks or a short car ride. Its unique location makes it easily accessible using Thruway Exit 22 to Albany and the Capital District to the north, as well as to points south toward New York City via Exit 21B. The location makes this area welcoming

to those traveling in either direction.

This small community is surrounded by larger industries, and the Ravena Coeymans Selkirk School District, that bring employees in daily to their jobs. The riverfront offers green space and activities for all ages. There are areas to use for recreation, a restaurant for food and drinks and boating shop.

Along the Village Main Street, there are a variety of small, many family-owned businesses. These enterprises share their space with small shop fronts that wait willingly to house small businesses and welcome them to the community. This distinctive small-town flavor makes this community a willing area to make new businesses their home.


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The Town and Village are two separate municipalities, each with its set of codes. As you begin planning a location for your business it’s important to know where it will be located so you can make sure you are following the correct guidelines.

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