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RCS CBA Represents: Knowing How Saves Lives

Welcome to RCS CBA Represents, an occasional series featuring our members.

For our first feature, we reached out to Scott Rudolph from Knowing How Saves Lives - one of our newest members!

1. Tell us about yourself and your business.

I have been an EMT for 25 years. About five years ago I started teaching CPR and First AID and love sharing the unknown with people. I travel to businesses that want their employees to have these skills, and I provide training to professionals who need these certifications for their work. My goal is that students feel like they can step towards a situation with confidence, not take a step back with uncertainty and fear. And that they can save a life.

2. Why did you choose RCS to locate your business?

I’m from Selkirk, I’m an RCS grad and my family is here - that’s what keeps me in the community. Most of my business is off-site - I travel to client sites, so I go where I’m needed. Before COVID, I was using space at the Ravena Senior Center for teaching health care professionals as CPR is a prerequisite in maintaining their license. I am interested in one day opening up a storefront locally.

3. What do you love most about what you do?

The satisfaction of knowing that you've taught someone something they didn’t realize they were capable of.

4. Why did you join RCS CBA, and what can the association do for you?

Prior to joining, I attended events and have been active in other ways. I went to a previous mixer at Yanni’s and won a mattress in the raffle that I was able to donate to Street Soldiers. I’ve trained the Coeymans Highway Dept., Coeymans Hollow Fire Dept., and RCS Community Library in CPR and other life-saving techniques including Narcan administration. For me, joining was a way to get more involved in my community. Eventually, I’d like to learn more about running a small business with a physical presence and having a storefront.

6. Any last words?

I always encourage people to take the initiative - if I’ve trained someone and they can use that knowledge and take a step forward to help in an emergency, I’ve done my job. Knowing How Saves Lives.

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