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Zoning and Uses

The Town and Village each have zoning maps, which specify what sort of development may occur in what areas of the community (i.e. residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-used activities).

Village of Ravena Zoning Map

Village of Ravena District Zoning Regulations

Use the legend on the Village Zoning Map and the details contained in this 

document to determine whether your proposed use is possible at the 

address you are considering buying or leasing. 

Town of Coeymans Zoning Map (scroll to Section 165-5)

Town of Coeymans Zoning Regulations (scroll to Section 165-4)

How are activities in each zone governed?

The zoning regulations for each municipality defines residential (i.e. single family homes, multifamily units, etc.) or nonresidential (i.e. business office, retail shop, restaurant, etc.). The regulations clearly indicate, for each zone, whether each use is allowed by right with proper building permits and certificates of occupancy for some improvements.

What goals does the Town and Village have for economic development?

The guide for community development efforts are driven by its comprehensive plan. This plan helps to establish zoning regulation. Read the Town’s recently updated plan here. Read the Village’s plan here.

Are there ever exceptions to zoning regulations?

Yes, you can seek a variance, essentially a waiver, from a component(s) of the zoning code. These are approved by the Village or Town Zoning Board of Appeals depending on the proposed location of your business.

Who enforces the zones’ activities and construction?

The Town and Village’s Building Inspectors enforce the zoning code. Contact the Building Inspectors here.

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