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Business citizens urged to be more involved in government

Albany county legislator and small business owner Mark Grimm urged business citizens at RCS Community Business Association's June Business Breakfast to become more involved politically so businesses can get better treatment from Albany County and NYS government.

"We need more business people to run for office," Grimm said. "Your perspective and voice is badly needed to prevent harmful legislation and to underscore the value businesses bring to the way we fund government."

In Albany County alone, sales tax revenue generated by businesses accounts for three times as much county revenue as all the property tax in a year. 

Grimm co-founded the Small Business Caucus in the Albany County Legislature with fellow legislators Chris Smith and Todd Drake. 

A former journalist, adjunct professor and communications expert, Mr. Grimm also focused on attention as a commodity and urged public speakers to expound on their "why"  not their "what." He stressed the need for speakers to focus on their audience and how the speaker can help them.

Grimm dubbed the 21st century the "communication century" and noted the need to keep communication simple. He quipped "simplicity isn't simple; it's a skill." He compared the appeal of a zoning board notice and a Nike ad and suggested that when citizen engagement is lacking, its not on account of apathy but rather the result of intentional exclusion. 

RCS CBA appreciates Mr. Grimm's willingness to share his time and talents. 

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