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Community fired up after HGTV video shoot

Grassroots effort lead by local school teacher

Nearly 200 people turned out in Ravena to support a video shoot for an HGTV community makeover contest on a cold, dreary February day, just hours before the Super Bowl kickoff. There were hand-painted signs, firetrucks, cheerleaders and lots of enthusiasm for a revitalized Main Street. It was an outpouring of love from our citizens who want to see economic development and community pride. The event was inspiring because it was a true grassroots effort for change. The shoot was organized by local elementary school teacher, Bridget Engelhardt, with the help of family, fellow teachers, and friends. Bridget had learned about HGTV’s new series, Home Town Rescue, and its search for a community in need of a makeover. She decided to do something over the top to make sure Ravena and its Main Street was noticed in the competitive selection process.

A video shoot to appeal to HGTV's Home Town Rescue

Bridget enlisted fellow school teachers and students to spread the word and make banners. She leaned on her father, who is a video production expert, and Golden Lamb Productions, to help with the technical details. She reached out to other community leaders to coordinate with our elected officials, the fire department and police. We hope to see the end product soon, but as the event broke up you could feel everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement. Win or lose the HGTV competition, Bridget’s efforts demonstrate the power of a committed, active citizenry. We need more of this in Ravena and the Town of Coeymans. Way to go Bridget and the team who helped her!! You can still help the cause by writing a letter of support to Home Town Rescue by Friday, Feb. 7. Send your letter to You can find sample letters on RCS CBA’s Facebook page. Learn more about what HGTV is looking for in letters of support here:

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