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Constructive criticism appreciated. Survey results shared

Throughout February and early March your RCS CBA sought community input on our new mission, vision and goals for 2021. We asked for this input through an online survey via our weekly newsletter and on Facebook. We also had the survey posted on our website. We only received a few comments and you can read what the anonymous respondents had to say.

We appreciate the feedback and the constructive criticism. Here’s what one respondent said: “All of this is fine, however if the image from some is that this association is merely a breakfast club, and that when there are serious issues that affect local business on the table and the Association sits on the sidelines and acts as a spectator, your legitimacy, sustainability and membership efforts will suffer.”

RCS CBA’s Board of Directors recognizes we have lots of challenges to tackle. Some of us agree with the concerns pointed out in the survey comments, including the one above. Here’s the thing: Managing RCS CBA is like running a second business and it requires an extensive amount of time. We’re all volunteers who work full-time jobs elsewhere in leadership positions. We have families, other volunteer commitments and a host of other responsibilities just like everyone else. So, we do the best we can and reflecting on five year of work on behalf of RCS CBA and this community we see a lot of successes.

The association went from an idea at a town hall-style event in January 2016 to a formal organization with a board. Prior to COVID we hosted monthly events that were well attended. Some may call it a breakfast club, and perhaps it is. These events give the business community a much-needed opportunity to connect, share ideas and walk away with information that could make our businesses more effective and efficient.

In the last five years RCS CBA also started regular communications via a newsletter and a social media presence. We launched a website and membership management software. We officially started to collect dues.

RCS CBA made headway in government relations by hosting two successful Meet the Candidates Nights in 2017 and 2018 (and we tried our best to put one together in 2019). We advocated with Town and Village officials to participate in a state grant program. We're active in the Town Comprehensive Plan Update discussions. We aren’t lobbyists; we’re business owners and managers and this work pushes many of us outside our comfort zone.

If you want more progress more quickly we encourage you to step up and volunteer your time. Ask to join the board of directors (we currently need a Board secretary, by the way) or join a committee. Become a member and/or volunteer your professional services.

Your RCS CBA’s mission is to be a catalyst for growth and prosperity through economic and community development initiatives that foster a strong business climate. We’re passionate about RCS and we’re going to keep working at it. Constructive feedback is great, but we really need you to get in the trenches with us and work hard to make that mission a reality. Are you in?

Learn more about how to get involved by calling or emailing Chair Joy Iafallo at (518) 928-1825 /

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