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Donnelly steps down as RCS CBA Chair

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

by Joy Donnelly

It is with a heavy heart that I tender my resignation to RCS CBA as chairperson. I have been a member of the Community Business Association since 2016. Being the chair of the RCS community Business Association for the last couple of years has made me realize how much work it is to volunteer for our community and to create a voice for business owners. The past few years working together, we have grown our business community. Our membership has grown, our community reach has grown and overall I believe people have really started to think about our community businesses in a different way.

I can honestly say growing up here and running my father's small business straight out of high school I learned so many lessons. I think we really need to keep the voice open for large and small businesses alike. A volunteer association like the RCS Community Business Association is so important for that voice.

I figured that becoming chairperson of the RCS Business Association was an integral step to take a few years ago when I really wanted to make change happen on Main Street in Ravena. After completing the three projects of 4 Central Avenue, 126 Main Street and the office at 143 Main Street I truly wanted to keep going. I hope our local governments will pursue an economic development plan to foster more growth here to bolster the efforts of individual investors like me. Hopefully, I've created some kind of change with my three projects.

I will still volunteer with the RCS Community Business Association on occasion and it has been my pleasure to serve the community and our members.

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