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Flach request funds for joint comprehensive planning

Last Thursday night (10/24/19) Acting Chair Aaron Flach appealed again to the Town Board for joint comprehensive planning with the Village.

"Several times this year I have stood before you at Town Board meetings and requested your consideration of joint comprehensive planning with the Village of Ravena. The last Town comprehensive plan was adopted in 2006. Much has changed in the past 13 years and that’s why I have been so passionate with my request for joint planning," Flach said.


This time he was following up on a letter he delivered to the Board earlier in the week, which outlined RCS CBA's vision for the plan. Read the letter here. The letter requested money be earmarked in the 2020 Town budget for this purpose. 

Town Board members asked several good questions. 

New RCS CBA member Barbara Way, branch manager of KeyBank in Ravena, encouraged the Board to consider the proposal. She pointed out RCS CBA's request for funding represented less than 1% of the overall budget. 

RCS CBA was excited to receive vocal support from members of the community with various political backgrounds.

As discussion on the topic wound down, Marlene McTigue, RCS CBA Director-at-Large, encouraged the Town Board to attend business association events once again. 

Your RCS CBA will continue to follow up with our elected officials to press for this important project. We firmly believe a joint plan that encourages cooperation between our two municipalities will produce a final product that can be implemented to build our economy.

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