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RSC CBA Represents: Babcock Funeral Homes, Inc.

Welcome to RCS CBA Represents, an occasional series featuring our members. We reached out to Sharon Babcock Dambrosio from Babcock Funeral Homes Inc.

1. What’s your name and what is your business?

My name is Sharon Babcock Dambrosio and I am the owner and licensed funeral director of the Babcock Funeral Home, Inc

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

In 1904 my great-grandfather, G. W. Babcock, started the Babcock Funeral Home. My grandfather, John, and then my parents, George and Ruth Babcock followed in the business and were also licensed funeral directors. In 1986 I purchased the business and became the 4th generation to manage the funeral home. Growing up I really had no interest in the funeral business. The hours were long, you never knew when you would be called out because you were on call 24/7. I was actually about 21 when I went to my first wake. When I was in my late 30’s, my parents were on vacation and I took the calls for the funeral home. A woman from Ohio called and needed our services for her father who lived in the area. We had several conversations and when we finally met, she hugged me and couldn’t thank me enough for all my help in this difficult time of her life. This was when I realized what an impact this job has on people’s lives and what satisfaction it gave me.

4. Why did you choose RCS to locate your business?

The business was started in Ravena at several locations but all in the Village. As far back as I know, my family has lived in Ravena. I will stay here because I like it here, my children and grandchildren live here and three of my siblings live here.

5. What do you love most about what you do? I enjoy working with people and being able to guide them through this very difficult time in their life is very rewarding to me.

6. Why did you join RCS CBA, and what can the association do for you? I was president of the Capital District Funeral Directors Association for several years and know what a positive impact an association can have on the community.

7. Any last words/favorite quotes, etc.? I feel fortunate to be able to work in a family business that has been around for 117 years. My mother taught me well and, on many occasions, people say to me that they can see her influence on me and that means a lot.

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